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Cannabis Clubs

Madrid’s cannabis clubs are creating a buzz in the city, attracting weed enthusiasts from across the globe who gather there to indulge in the finest cannabis offerings the country has. The trend of smoking weed has gained popularity on the streets of Madrid, leading to the emergence of numerous cannabis social clubs within the city limits. These clubs offer a secure environment for members to partake in cannabis consumption without the concern of legal repercussions, considering the legality of private usage.

These cannabis establishments in Madrid openly welcome visitors from all corners of the world, inviting them to savor top-grade marijuana within the city. The cannabis clubs serve as safe havens for enthusiasts, given that consuming weed in a private setting is entirely legal, though public consumption can incur fines and is thus prohibited.

However, gaining access to these cannabis coffee shops in Madrid can be somewhat exclusive, presenting a challenge for those unfamiliar with the club concept to become members. If you’re interested in learning more about Madrid’s most renowned cannabis clubs, our curated collection of current headlines provides the ultimate guide to these establishments.


You need to be invited to become a member of a cannabis club in Madrid. It’s very easy to request an invite.
You just need to be +18 years old and follow the next steps:


You need to be 18 years old at least to join the club​


Fill up the form with your name and the date you come​


The invite will be sent to your email​


Show the invite and your ID at the reception​

Get your invite

    How To Join A Cannabis Club In Madrid ?

    Welcome to our exclusive cannabis clubs in Madrid! Our clubs offer a unique experience for cannabis enthusiasts in the city. To maintain the club’s exclusive atmosphere, we have a few guidelines in place: Membership-Only Access
    • Cannabis clubs strictly admit only registered members.
    • Visitors cannot simply walk in off the street; membership is required for entry.
    • Enjoy the privilege of becoming part of our community by becoming a member.
    Becoming a Member
    • To join our club and gain access to some of the city’s finest coffee shops, you’ll need a sponsor.
    • Your sponsor will guide you through the membership process and help you get started on your cannabis journey.
    • Once you’re a member, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a curated selection of high-quality cannabis products.
    Discover the vibrant cannabis culture of Madrid and Barcelona by becoming a member of our exclusive cannabis clubs. We look forward to welcoming you into our community!
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    We are located near the best metro stations in central Madrid such as Atocha, Tribunal, Canal, Quevedo…

    Become a member and come visit our private club.


    Is Cannabis Consumption Legal in Madrid

    Understanding the legality of cannabis consumption in Madrid is a common inquiry, particularly for those planning to visit and partake in cannabis use in the city. Familiarizing yourself with Madrid’s smoking regulations is essential. According to regulatory authorities, public smoking of weed is prohibited, while private consumption within enclosed spaces is permitted and deemed legal.

    For cannabis enthusiasts, weed clubs stand as optimal locations for cannabis use, given the inappropriateness of public consumption that may lead to fines. Moreover, the government imposes a limit of a maximum of 2 cannabis plants per household, making possession of significant quantities illegal.

    Joining a cannabis club within the city and visiting occasionally to satisfy your cravings is considered the ideal approach for cannabis consumption. This avenue allows you to indulge in cannabis without legal concerns, as cannabis clubs operate within the bounds of the law.


    A Weed Social Club is a private establishment where individuals with a shared interest in cannabis can gather, socialize, and consume cannabis products in a legal and regulated environment. These clubs often promote responsible and safe cannabis use among their members.
    To become a member of a Weed Social Club, you typically need to follow specific steps outlined by the club’s rules and regulations. This might involve obtaining a referral from an existing member or going through an application process. Some clubs might conduct interviews or require you to meet certain criteria before granting membership.
    Joining a Weed Social Club can offer several benefits, such as a designated space to consume cannabis, opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals, educational resources about cannabis use, and access to a variety of cannabis products in a controlled setting.
    The legality of Weed Social Clubs varies depending on the jurisdiction. In some places, these clubs operate within legal frameworks that permit private cannabis consumption among adults. However, legality can change based on local regulations, so it’s crucial to understand the laws in your area before attempting to join or establish a Weed Social Club.

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